Pakanee Burutphakdee


Oopaib is an ultra-trail runner in Thailand.
Characteristic: representative, work hard, influence
Status: married with Jay Jantaraboon(TNF APAC Athlete)

She has more experience in Europe and Asia ultra trail race. Her page creates many inspired contents by her own experience and Oopaib is the one who has the brand loyalty with The North Face for a long time. She loves to see the brand growth with her influence. Trail running is her lifestyle and the important part of her life.

Darika Suwanmonkol


Paew is The North Face Thailand Support runner since 2022.
Characteristic: Good Performing, industrious, enthusiastic and many personal training skill in running.

She started in running activity 7 Y/O. She has tried very hard to develop herself and hopes she can inspire someone to take care of themselves and know the Trail Running.

Trail Race

  • Khaokho Marathon – 2nd Overall 45K
  • Phasamliamtrail 2022 – 1st Overall 30K
  • Navy Frog – 1st Overall 25K
  • Trail of MAN – 2nd Overall 22K
  • Lampang Half Marathon – 1st Overall
  • Columbia Trail Master – 1st Overall 50K
  • Sankampheang Mini Marathon – 1st Overall 12K
  • CM3 –  1st Overall 61K
  • Spartun Sprint 5K – 1st Age group
  • CMRU Accounting Run 2022 – 1st Overall 10K

Sophon Poowapattaraporn


Eiam is The North Face Thailand Support runner since 2018.
Characteristic: Good Performing, youthful and many personal training skill in running.
Personal Best MARATHON: 3.12.24
Pong Yaeng Trail 2017 – PYT100: Sub 20 hrs.

Eiam is the man who always keep practicing and maintain his performance based on running knowledge. Strongly to communicate with runners and leverage the brand image.

Absolutely, He loves to run in the trail race.

Trail Race

  • Pong Yang Trail 2017 : 100km
  • KPTC Trail 2018 : 22 km
  • CM2 2018 : 22km
  • Pong Yang Trail 2018 : 100km
  • Pong Yang Trail 2019 : 166 km