Thai Outdoor Group (TOG) includes Thai Outdoor Sport Co., Ltd and Action Perfect Co., Ltd. The group, which began in 1999, focuses on ways to successfully market and distribute products of global leading brands to our very own Thai market. TOG has a portfolio of more than 6 major brands including The North Face, VANS, Salomon, Eagle Creek, Cocoon, Human Gear and – most recently – Dickies. All of the brands are diversified across a spectrum that includes Outdoor, Action Sports, Lifestyle, and Travelling segments. The group’s channel of distribution covers all major retail spaces and tourist attraction areas with more than 240 points of sales which include Stand-Alone-Shops, Shop-in-Shop, Duty Free Shop, Specialty Store, Outlet Store, and all sorts of e-Commerce.

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Thai Outdoor Sport Co., Ltd.

Having been established in 1999, the company has long been the sole distributor of The North Face brand in our Thai market. The brand is marketed all across the country through its Stand-Alone-Shops (SAS) and Shop-in-Shops (SIS), all of which are within sports chain stores and department stores that are our long-term business partners. Specific examples include Super Sports and Sport Mall. Moreover, The North Face is proudly selected to showcase in King Power Duty Free’s airport and downtown branches. The North Face has also recently employed several types of e-Commerce, namely Market Place, Social Commerce, and Dot Com. With over 50 points of sales throughout Thailand, it is evident the E-commerce is becoming a major contributor for the brand.

In addition, we are appointed as the sole distributor of the Vans brand in Thailand.

Since 2018, we began the re-introduce the brand back into the Thai market whilst strategically expanding our points of sales in the form of Stand-Alone-Shop (SAS) and Shop-in-Shop (SIS) in all major department stores across the nation. We believe that true understanding of our market will strengthen our customer’s perception of the brand. To this very day, our retail network covers more than 120 points of sales across the country.

Additionally, we have been strategically penetrating wholesale businesses since 2019 with the aim of facilitating our customer’s ability to have easy access to our products in every region. By having a comprehensive business strategy, we are able to achieve continuous and sustainable growth whilst becoming increasingly accessible towards a more diverse group of end-consumers.

Year 2022 marks another significant milestone for our company; the globally renowned brand -Dickies- has invited our company to become their sole distributor for the Thai market. We are more than excited to welcome one of the top, fast-growing street fashion brand into the market via our platform. Currently, we have 8 points of sales in the form of Stand-Alone-Shop (SAS), and we are hoping to grow this number by 1 every month. We plan to catch up with our sister brands in the coming years.

Action Perfect Co., Ltd.

It was established to catch up with the global market’s growing need for sport recreation and the traveling style that has modernized. The company is now representing many leading international brands like Salomon, Eagle Creek, Cocoon, Human Gear and etc. Salomon – an established French brand that specializes in outdoor sports equipment – has played a competitive role in our trail running and hiking segment. With our strong distribution network, the brand is continuously growing and building its reputation among our target consumers. With traveling, we have established our own multi-brand store called “Smart Travel” which leads by its high quality travelling products and equipment from all over the world. Examples of these brands include Eagle Creek, Cocoon, Komperdell, Human Gear, and many more. Our concept store has now expanded all across Thailand with our extensive channel of distribution existing both off-line and online. Our stores are strategically located in key retail areas like Bangkok and other first tier cities throughout Thailand. The business now continues to rapidly advance into the new era of retail market.

In 2023, we are very pleased to announce that ICEBREAKER has appointed us to be the major distributor for Thailand market. ICEBREAKER, found in New Zealand back in 1995, is now under VF Corporation, and it is one of global leaders in Merino wool and natural fiber categories. Its businesses focus mainly on creating products that help to promote healthy, well and sustainable global society. Having stated that the brand has been producing high quality apparel made from pure natural fiber, “Merino Wool” since 1996, and currently has more than 5,000 stores across 50 countries around the globe.