Orarik Tasuya


Gym is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2022
Occupation:  Ph.D Candidate in Data Science
Characteristic :  Trail Lover, explorer, dog person, motivative, competitive, consistency, commitment 

“It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.” -Edmund Hillary

Trail Race

  • Pong Yang Trail – MNS 40k (9th Overall)
  • The Westwind Trail- HND 42K (6th Overall, 5th Group)
  • Pong Yang Trail – MNS 40k (3rd Overall)
  • Thailand by UTMB – Inl 24k (1st Age Group, 6th Overall)
  • Op-Luang Trail – 52k (1st Overall)

Nalin Likithamanit


New is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2020
Occupation : Employee
Characteristic: Optimistic, Cheerful, persistent

I love trail running because it gives me a space to connect with nature. No matter how tired or stress, when I’m out running, I always feel re-energized and refreshed afterward.

It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends, new people along the ways. 

Trail Race

  • Thailand by UTMB 2020 Inthanon 5 : 120K
  • Pong Yang Trail 2020 : 21K
  • CM 6 2020 (CM4) : 80K
  • Tanaosri Trail 2019 : 70K
  • Pong yang Trail : 2019 : 120K

Witchawat Burapavong


Ong is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2018
Occupation: Engineer
Characteristic : Cheerful, Resilience, Empathy

Trail running gives me time to reflect on myself. Along the trail, I met so many inspiring and like-minded friends who share the same goal. 

Trail Race

  • Masalong Trail 2020 – 35K
  • PYT 2020 – 55K
  • Ultra-Trail Nan 100 – 100K
  • CM6 2020 – CM2 (43K)
  • UTMB 2019 – CCC (100K)

Jekita Mokhagul


Ya is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2019
Occupation : Trail Races Event Organizer
Characteristic: Control, Shift, D

Actually I didn’t believe trail running would be a part of my life. It’s not only trail running but also outdoor lifestyle or any adventure unconsciously become to a part of my life. I started from trail running because of I just had fun with it until today it become to my work. So that’s why trail running more than hobby but it is my life. 

Trail Race

  • Mae Salong Trail 2020, Chiang Rai, 35km
  • Mae Khanin Cross-country 2020, 21 km
  • Hornindal Rundt 2019, Norway, 38km
  • Tanaosri Trail 2019, 30km
  • Tanaosri Trail  2016, 25km