Witchawat Burapavong


Ong is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2018
Occupation: Engineer
Characteristic : Cheerful, Resilience, Empathy

Trail running gives me time to reflect on myself. Along the trail, I met so many inspiring and like-minded friends who share the same goal. 

Trail Race

  • LKLDMT – DMT37 @7:06:17 Rank 6 / 148
  • DOI INTHANON THAILAND BY UTMB – Pagoda 50 @9:28:11 Rank 106 / 1059
  • Big Blue Mae Salong Trail – MST60 @9:30:32 Rank 12/244
  • Pong Yaeng Trail – MNS40 @5:10:13 Rank8/117
  • UTMBA – CCCA @24:56:54 Rank1240/2130

Jekita Mokhagul


Ya is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2019
Occupation : Trail Races Event Organizer
Characteristic: Initially, I never imagined that trail running would become such a significant part of my life. Over time, not only has trail running captured my interest, but the entire outdoor lifestyle and various adventures have seamlessly integrated themselves into my daily routine. What started as a fun pastime eventually evolved into my profession as a trail running race organizer. As a result, trail running has transcended from a mere hobby to becoming the very essence of my life.

Trail Race

  • The ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI 2023, Japan, 68km
  • Mae Salong Trail 2020, Chiang Rai, 35km
  • Mae Khanin Cross-country 2020, 21 km
  • Hornindal Rundt 2019, Norway, 38km
  • Tanaosri Trail 2019, 30km
  • Tanaosri Trail 2016, 25km

Orarik Tasuya


Gym is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2022
Occupation:  Ph.D Candidate in Data Science
Characteristic :  Trail Lover, explorer, dog person, motivative, competitive, consistency, commitment 

“It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.” -Edmund Hillary

Trail Race

  • 3rd Overall – Mae Khan Trail 2022 – 30Km
  • 5th Age Group – The Westwind Trail 2021 – 42 Km
  • 3rd Overall – Pong Yaeng Trail 2020 – 40Km
  • 1st Age Group – Thailand by UTMB 2020 – 24Km
  • 4th Overall – Ultra-Trail Thailand 2020 – 62Km

Nisachon Morgan


Pum is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2023

Occupation : Doctor, General Practitioner
Characteristic: Exercise enthusiast, Passionate trail runner, Single Pawrent

Trail Race

  • The Cliff 100 DITUTMB 2022 ( 7th F overall First Thai)
  • CM3 2022 ( 3rd F Overall)
  • UTPK 35 K ( 1st F Overall)
  • Inthanon 3 2021 (3rd F overall- first Thai)
  • PYT 100 Km 2021 (2 F Overall)
  • CM4 2021 ( 1st F Overall)

Walailuk Sarajun


Mod is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2023

Occupation : Engineer
Characteristic: Competitive, Outdoor enthusiast, compassionate  Balancing working and personal life schedule is one of my challenges that I believe I achieved perfectly.   Physical  and  psychological fitnesses are integrated as a foundation of trail running that increases energy and quality of my life.

Trail Race

  • Ultra Trail Doi Muser 65k (2nd Overall female)
  • Tanaosri Trail 70k (7th Overall female)
  • CM6_CM5 105k (5th Overall female)
  • Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB 100k (7th age group)
  • Columbia Trail Master Thailand 50k (4th age group)