Phongsiri Ngamampornnara


Name-Surname: Phongsiri Ngamampornnara  (Benz)
Benz is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2019
Occupation : Sport scientists and coach
Characteristic: Bright, Utmost , Joyful, Look deep into nature
I am working in sport science field. Firstly I started from road runner but then I falling in love with trail running. It not only hobby not only exercise activity but it be like nature healing.
Trail Race
1.Mae Salong Trail 2019  distance 59km.
2.Pong Yaeng Trail 2019 distance 74.80km
3.The North Face 100 Thailand 2020 distance100km
4.Thailand By Utmb 2020 Inthanon 4 distance79.90km
5.Pong Yaeng Trail 2020 – Nin Prapa Trail distance58.40km

Witchawat Burapavong


Name-Surname  Witchawat Burapavong (Ong)
Ong is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2018
Occupation: Engineer
Characteristic : Cheerful, Resilience, Empathy
Trail running gives me time to reflect on myself. Along the trail, I met so many inspiring and like-minded friends who share the same goal.
Trail Race
Masalong Trail 2020 – 35K
PYT 2020 – 55K
Ultra-Trail Nan 100 – 100K
CM6 2020 – CM2 (43K)
UTMB 2019 – CCC (100K)

Nalin Likithamanit


Name-Surname: Nalin Likithamanit (New)
New is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2020
Occupation : Employee
Characteristic: Optimistic, Cheerful, persistent
I love trail running because it gives me a space to connect with nature. No matter how tired or stress, when I’m out running, I always feel re-energized and refreshed afterward.

It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends, new people along the ways.
Trail Race
Thailand by UTMB 2020 Inthanon 5 : 120K
Pong Yang Trail 2020 : 21K
CM 6 2020 (CM4) : 80K
Tanaosri Trail 2019 : 70K
Pong yang Trail : 2019 : 120K

Jekita Mokhagul


Name-Surname: Jekita Mokhagul (Ya)
Ya is athlete of Salomon Thailand since 2019
Occupation : Trail Races Event Organizer
Characteristic: Control, Shift, D

Actually I didn’t believe trail running would be a part of my life. It’s not only trail running but also outdoor lifestyle or any adventure unconsciously become to a part of my life. I started from trail running because of I just had fun with it until today it become to my work. So that’s why trail running more than hobby but it is my life.

Trail Race
– Mae Salong Trail 2020, Chiang Rai, 35km
– Mae Khanin Cross-country 2020, 21 km
– Hornindal Rundt 2019, Norway, 38km
– Tanaosri Trail 2019, 30km
-Tanaosri Trail 2016, 25km